Commercial Litigation

Moore & Brooks, LLC Commercial Litigation Practice attorneys have experience across many industries and areas of law providing critical benefits to clients, including the ability to: immediately conduct a comprehensive risk analysis, quickly determine the realistic value of a case, provide reliable estimates of time-to-resolution, and deliver accurate litigation budget forecasts.

With the depth of first-hand experience, we identify early in the evaluation of the case, the primary issues of law and fact, the true strengths and weaknesses of our positions, leading to reliable outcome scenarios, and the development of realistic alternative resolution options.

We also aggressively pursue pre-trial strategies, including opportunities to win on dispositive motions, which could lead to favorable resolution before trial or limit the issues at trial. Our attorneys are creative when it comes to eliminating claims at the earliest possible stage.

One of our strengths is how we communicate. At all times, we make certain our clients are well-aware of any developments related to their cases and we immediately communicate any necessary adjustments to the strategy or tactics that form the basis of the plan. Our commitment to responsive and effective communication with clients means we are always on the same page in terms of the resolution plan, litigation cost management, and underlying business goals.

Our clients count on us for advice and guidance that is candid, pragmatic and objective. While we do not believe every case should go to trial, we do believe every case gains a competitive advantage from a trial-ready approach. Our record proves that trial-proven attorneys get better results.

We find leveraging our deep knowledge and experience is one of the most powerful positioning tool for achieving the best possible solution for our clients.

Practice Specialties Include:

  • Risk management
  • Commercial litigation
  • Construction litigation
  • Employment disputes
  • Products liability issues
  • Contract disputes
  • Real Estate
  • Business and workplace torts