Commercial Transportation

When liability and reputation is at risk, trucking companies, logistics providers, freight forwarding businesses and product distributors rely on our experienced Commercial Transportation Law attorneys to protect their interests. Aggressive defense using creative and forward-thinking strategies helps clients resolve disputes in a cost-effective manner. You can count on us for effective legal counsel at all stages of your legal dispute, right from pre-trial procedures and arbitration to litigation and appeals.

With extensive experience in commercial transportation law, dispute resolution and litigation, our transportation and trucking defense attorneys are prepared to assist you in a wide spectrum of legal issues. You will receive tailored advice to address the particulars of your situation, keeping in mind your business goals and desired outcome. Our clients consult us on a wide range of legal issues including, but not limited to those involving:

  • Personal injury
  • Wrongful death
  • Property damage
  • Cargo and freight claims
  • Business interruption
  • Products liability
  • Health and safety risks
  • Employment concerns
  • Specialty insurance coverage
  • Regulatory compliance at state and federal level

Recognizing the importance of immediate action, Moore & Brooks attorneys provide a prompt response when you call. Working with experts, accident investigators and site reconstructionists who will be on the scene right away, we ensure that all evidence remains intact, witness information is gathered and the cause of an accident is accurately assessed.

When your company needs legal counsel, you can count on our decades of success serving the commercial transportation and trucking industries.

From situations of human error to product inadequacy, commercial transportation law is varied and complex. Whether you need legal advice on routine industry matters or an aggressive defense in a complex trial involving multiple parties and plaintiffs, we are available to consult and represent your company.

Our commercial transportation lawyers provide services that include:

  • Coordination of Investigations:  Provide an immediate response team to work with investigators on gathering evidence, witness statements and determining the cause of the accident. 
  • Catastrophic Loss:  Deal with on-the-scene investigation of losses, personal injury, claims of wrongful death, and property loss claims. 
  • Working with Other Experts:  Retain and coordinate with experts, examine coverage analysis, manage and coordinate the defense, trial counsel. 
  • Commercial Litigation Counsel:  Provide business litigation counsel to quickly resolve legal disputes.
  • Commercial Transactions:  Review and draft commercial contracts related to broker-carrier, shipper-carrier and owner-operator agreements.
  • Regulatory Compliance:  Provide advice on safety policies and risk avoidance counseling.
  • Employment Issues:  Provide employment and labor law advice as well as expert representation and defense.
  • Insurance Coverage:  Represent self-insureds and insurance companies in coverage disputes and litigation over trucking and transportation matters.
  • Freight and Property Claims:  Protect owner rights, litigate and defend limitation of liability action.

Following our proactive approach to risk enables many of our commercial transportation clients to reduce their liabilities and resolve disputes in a favorable manner. As an established transportation and trucking defense law firm, we’re committed to following best practices, offering unique industry insights and minimizing expensive court battles. If a trial is unavoidable, you can be sure that our team will execute an aggressive defense, helping to protect your business reputation and future.

You can depend on our experience in the formation and interpretation of operational procedures and business contracts to help your transportation business function smoothly in compliance with the law.

While cargo and property loss, claims of negligence and personal injury can cost you huge sums of money, regulatory issues and environmental damage claims can affect the very future of your business. Having a recognized commercial transportation law firm to navigate complex legal processes proactively can mean the difference between success and failure. Self-insured transportation companies, insurers, and insureds rely on our experienced attorneys to counsel them against common industry pitfalls and skillfully advocate on their behalf.  With exceptional litigators and strong industry relationships, we are fully invested, involved and committed to you, your goals, and achieving the best possible outcome for your business.