Professional Liability

Moore & Brooks, LLC Professional Liability Practice includes attorneys with experience defending professionals, including attorneys, health care providers, realtors, directors and officers. We represent professionals under insurers’ errors and omissions policies and directly when the professional is self-insured.

We understand the unique challenges and issues presented by such claims and appreciate that professional liability suits can threaten financial loss, but also realize that the greater threat can be damage to a client’s hard-earned reputation.

With experience in all aspects of professional liability defense, attorneys in the group are well qualified: to handle sensitive issues of confidentiality, understand the impact of the case on the professional’s ongoing practice, and the need to work closely with the client in developing a litigation and potential negotiation/settlement strategies.

We also work diligently with our clients in avoiding litigation with presentations and trainings on proper risk management processes. 

Practice Specialties Include:

  • Real Estate transactions
  • Risk Management
  • Personal counsel for Physicians
  • Medical malpractice litigation
  • Civil Rico
  • Directors & Officers