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Hi Jane, I just wanted to reach out to you after last week’s trial. I’m sure that you’ve heard, Andy Moore was able to convince the jury that i was 0% liable in fairly quick and relatively painless fashion… And was able to do so despite my best efforts as a witness to complicate his job. This was my first court case like this ever, and I definitely learned some things. I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have the opportunity to be represented by a lawyer of Andy’s quality.  

He was also extremely supportive personally as well as helping me navigate the process for the first time. I mean this with no offense at all (here we go) – when I heard about this case, I was dreading it for two reasons: obviously first off, I thought this really troubling episode was behind me, and here I was potentially liable, but secondly I really had no desire to go to court and be part of such a transparently desperate and greedy situation… I mean most people don’t have nice things to say about going to court…. I have a ton of sympathy for the plaintiff’s pain, but these things obviously reveal a lot of negative human emotions and whatever. 

Anyway – I also wanted to let you know how grateful I was to get a lawyer to represent me who seemed like a basically decent human being and had some perspective to offer besides his job. This might be every day for you guys, but it was still really, really stressful for me. I really appreciate that I had someone there who actually helped make it an easier process to go through. And I appreciated winning too.  

Thank you Andy for your help and support, and thank you Jane for providing such quality defense to your clients. I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that I am sure anyone else would appreciate Andy’s talent, effort and support as much as I did if they are in my position. Have a great day.


Defense Client

I would like to take this opportunity to share my recent experience as an AAA auto policy holder and defendant in a lawsuit of the above referenced case.  About three years ago, I was in a low-velocity rear-end collision where I hit Mr. Lucky’s car.   There was minimal damage to Mr. Lucky’s car while I sustained no damage at all.  This should have been a simple auto claim, via insurance to have his car repaired.  However, Mr. Lucky decided to move forward with a lawsuit for personal injury to his neck and back.

My case was assigned to Andrew Moore & Associates, LLC.  In meeting Mr. Moore on the first day of trial, he was very polite and welcoming.  This put me at ease, since I was nervous and unsure of the process.  I had never been involved in a lawsuit, nor have I ever been in a court room other then going through the jury duty process.

During the trial, Mr. Moore took full command of the case and kept me advised of the court proceedings and protocol.  It was apparent Mr. Moore and his team of professionals left no stone unturned, they were fully engaged and aware of all the particulars of the case.

I have to say I was impressed with the way Mr. Moore handled himself in the court room, he was a pleasure to watch, such a professional.  He was aggressive, respectful and in control!  As I watched him carefully discredit the opposing counsel’s attempts to prove Mr. Lucky’s claims of serious injury, I felt comfortable knowing this guy was advocating this case.  Mr. Moore and his team of professionals did an outstanding job!

I want to thank you Ms. Mogavero, for recommending Mr. Moore to defend this case.  It was the best choice your firm could have made!

Y. Gardner

AAA auto policy holder and defendant

I write to share with you a few observations following my recent experience as an Allstate auto insurance policy holder and defendant in a lawsuit. Nearly four years ago the front bumper of the vehicle I was driving in a service station lot tapped the rear bumper of a vehicle operated by a man named Gary Watson. I immediately accepted full responsibility for the accident and offered to pay for the very minimal damage done to the rear bumper of his car.

Instead of accepting my offer, Mr. Watson chose to file a claim in excess of $7,000. I asked Allstate not to pay the claim, because it was obviously fraudulent. Mr. Watson then sued me for damages to his vehicle, cameras in his trunk, his eyeglasses and $50,000 in damages to his neck and back. I was represented in this matter by attorney Andrew P. Moore assigned to the case by Allstate, and I wish to offer my comments with regard to his performance.

From my first contact with Mr. Moore he took command of the case. Unintimidated by my title, he gave me clear instructions about how to conduct myself in deposition and on the stand. His aggressive advocacy was manifest in the depositions of all witnesses and throughout the trial.

His research was extraordinarily thorough. He knew everything there was to know about the plaintiff’s legal and medical history, his witnesses, his vehicle, his cameras and even his eyeglasses. Each time Mr. Watson misspoke in testimony, Mr. Moore skewered him with the facts. His laser focus, his intelligence his knowledge of the law and of courtroom procedures was truly impressive.

Mr. Moore’s talents resulted not only in a favorable verdict for this defendant and zero damages for Allstate, but in a vindication of my honor and for the principle that one must never compromise with corruption.

I want to thank Allstate for standing behind this policy holder, for standing up to insurance fraud and for having the excellent judgment to assign my case to Andy Moore.

Sent in a letter to Daryl Stutes Litigation Specialist, Allstate Insurance Company.

James C Greenwood

M.C., House of Representatives

Mr. Moore, “As we begin the New Year, I always find it helpful to look back on the year just passed to review any insights or highlights of the year. 2008 certainly moved quickly for me, but there were some stand out moments that are worth revisiting before embarking on 2009.

One of my personal highlights of 2008 was being chosen to serve on a trial jury in Chester County. It was last summer, and I was seated on the jury for the Garo Yepremian case. You will most likely remember me as the guy who got up to use the rest room on the first day of trial!!! You see, I take matters of community service very seriously, so I guess I must have been a bit nervous to the point of needing to excuse myself—anyhow, we all got a good laugh out of it!

This week would end up being one of my most memorable moments of 2008. Your skill, talent and ability in the courtroom were impressive. I later shared with my wife that it was like watching a skilled surgeon complete a difficult procedure with confidence and relative ease.

The attorney for Mr. Yepremian was extremely over confident and seemed to look upon the jury as thoughtless, unintelligent individuals who could be swayed by his incredibly weak case, and the fleeting star power of a former NFL kicker.

On the other hand, you were all business and possessed an inherent respect for the courtroom and the jury. The range between your two styles were great, and I would argue that it was better than watching a court room drama on TV.

One of my favorite moments was when the closing arguments were presented. Your poster sized copies of the medical records (including signatures!) were such simple but highly effective tools. I thought it was important to let you know in writing how memorable the week was for me. Also, you inspired me to be a better leader to my work team.

I presently manage a team of 28 employees, in which, effective communication is key. I have borrowed ideas and concepts from this courtroom experience to improve upon my team meetings, primarily the use of visual aids to help in teaching new concepts.

Thank you for being a leader in your field. Thank you for inspiring others. As a jury we all felt as though we were blessed with the opportunity to watch someone who truly loves their job, has a passion for what they are doing, and knows how to achieve results. As foreman of the jury, I feel this letter was necessary and has brought a sense of closure to me in the matters of this case.

I wish you a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. May God Bless you and your family as you continue to serve others as their attorney.

Doug Thompson


An unbelievable outcome in light adverse liability to the insured.

A quick summary of the claim:  the insured slid thru a red light due to wet roads and t-boned the plaintiff on the driver side of the plaintiff vehicle.  Moderate to heavy impact with primary damage to rear driver side door, both driver side windows blown out and we totaled the plaintiff vehicle for the pd settlement. 

Injuries included neck/thoracic/lumbar strain and sprain, cervical radiculitis and headaches. The plaintiff had prior history of neck injury and pre-existing ddd. Plaintiff also alleged short term memory loss and cognitive issues. Dr. Cohen (neuro) was their expert and DrManzione (ortho) was defense expert. We did not do an IME for the short term memory issues as we had never accepted same as related to the accident. 

The trial was held on Monday and Tuesday in Delaware County.  Defense of the case was handled by Andy Moore. Due to some discomfort with the jury selected and some mixed impressions of the plaintiff expert, we put a binding high-low in place on Tuesday morning of $10k – $75K.

Our insured and Dr. Manzione testified on Tuesday morning. The jury was out for approximately 20 minutes and returned a defense verdict!!!  Speaking with the jury after the verdict it was learned that the jury never bought the plaintiffs alleged injuries and hated the plaintiff expert. 

A great job by Andy Moore in securing a defense verdict on a case where the insured admitted going thru a red light.

Claims Supervisor

Progressive Insurance,

Congratulations! Congratulations on the victory in Vink vs. Trulear!  Andy Moore did a great job in the trial, and obviously the result is fantastic!

I’m a little surprised that the jury completely shut out the plaintiff, but hey, we’ll take it!

Thank you Andy Moore & Associates again, and congrats!

Injury Process Manager

Progressive Insurance,

This is an excellent result, Irene.  Congratulations!

Thank you for all your work on the case, and for spending most of the last week at the courthouse.  It sounds like Andy did a tremendous job trying the case.  I’m not surprised, but it’s good to hear that you were impressed.

Injury Process Manager

Progressive Insurance,

I just wanted to let you know that your excellent work as of late has not gone unnoticed.  You have been achieving some great results, and we at Progressive Insurance appreciate all of the hard work you and your team have been putting in.

Corporate Claims Attorney

Progressive Insurance

Congratulations once again on yet another big trial victory for Progressive!

Of course I am referring to the case involving a member of the 1972 Miami Dolphins (I have his football card).  Anyway, I heard from Jeff Smith that you did a fantastic job (again). 

One never knows the outcome and I for one never expected a result quite THAT good, but hey, we’ll take it!  Thanks again.  Your lawyering is greatly appreciated around here!

Injury Process Manager

Progressive Insurance

Trial today ended with Matthews getting a BIG ZERO!!!!!

Attorney Moore and I had the opportunity today to speak with 5 out of the 7 jurors after the case. They basically stated that because plaintiff Matthews was not forthcoming with her past medical history to Dr. Zipman, as well as her lack of credibility, were the main issues of their decision. Her depo’s stated over and over again no prior history.

Attorney Moore was prepared with her pcp prior medical records from 1997 – 2004, all showing prior complaints. Jurors stated that should the plaintiff been up-front and honest from the beginning, they likely would have awarded her around 5k for lost wages. However, they agreed upon nothing. Jurors stated it took them about 5 minutes to come to this conclusion.

I will be writing up a summary now. I just wanted to let you know that Attorney Moore did an amazing job, it was a pleasure to meet him and see him “in action” in the courtroom.

Claims Representative

Progressive Insurance

I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you. I was very impressed on your skills and feel that you handled my case excellently.

You are definitely one of the rising stars in the judicial system. I will be highly recommending you and plan on using you in the future.

Peter Olster

Betty the Caterer

Andy, I am writing to thank you for your exceptional management of our liability claim against the at-fault party in our car accident, as well as the related UIM claim.  As you know, my wife and I originally found our way to your firm when a friend urged us to contact you.  Our friend had extensive experience dealing with attorneys as a claims rep and recommended you as being outstanding both professionally and personally.  HER REFERRAL TO YOU TURNED OUT TO BE THE SINGLE BEST RECOMMENDATION I HAVE EVER RECEIVED – FROM ANYONE, FOR ANYTHING.

When you came to our house to discuss possible representation, we were instantly comfortable with you and your approach to the process.  Sometimes I find it hard to leave the details of an important matter to someone else, but you made it easy for us to relax, focus on getting better and live our daily lives while you handled the communication and negotiation on our behalf.  We were more than satisfied with the fairness of our claim’s ultimate resolution and we attribute the result to your skill and experience. 

People have asked me what we like about our attorney and I have described you using words like honest, professional, proactive, tough, responsive, creative, strategic and simply “a good guy.” 

Your staff is top notch as well.  I appreciate everything you’ve done for us and would highly recommend you to anyone seeking similar representation. 

Thanks again!

John G.

Injury Client

I would like to say what an extraordinary job that Mr. Andrew Moore had done to prepare for this case and how he handled himself. Not to mention how comfortable he made me feel, being how nervous I was.

He and his firm are certainly an asset to The Allstate Insurance Company.

Dawn Hill-Thornton

Injury Client

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